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What is Your Facial Skin Type?

Teri Dourmashkin

Posted on February 19 2020

What is Your Facial Skin Type?

Sometimes it can be difficult or confusing to figure out where your skin lies in terms of determining your facial type. Some days you may feel like your skin is oily and on other days you might feel dry. Or you might have combination skin meaning that you have certain areas on your face that are oily such as your nose, chin and forehead while other areas such as your cheeks may be dry with some flaking. 

Does this mean you have to go out and purchase several different products that address both oily and dry skin? Wouldn't this be too expensive and too complicated? The answer is that for some, this might be the best solution. For example, you could use a richer moisturizer for your cheek area avoiding your oily zones such as your nose, forehead or chin --or use a facial lotion on oily areas that is oil free and has a very light texture. Or lastly, do not use any moisturizing products on oily areas that are producing excessive amounts of oil which are prone to break outs or acne.

The Teri Love products were designed with most skin types in mind, including dry, combination and what is referred to as normal. Normal skin is not all that common and means that your skin is perfectly balanced where you don't have any excessive oiliness or dryness. Our Teri Love Be Relentless Facial Oil is perfect for most skin types, but if your skin is very oily with a lot of breakouts, then I would avoid this product (even though it is non-greasy and absorbs almost immediately). Our Supernal Exfoliating Gel Mask & Scrub is wonderful for all skin types including dry, very dry, oily (including very oily) combination and even sensitive skin. However, if your skin is sensitive to glycolic acid or have rosacea it may be best to avoid this product. Our Know Thyself Facial Cream is perfectly suited for most skins types including sensitive. It is extremely hydrating but never greasy. If you have combination skin you could opt to use it on your cheeks or wherever you are dry avoiding your oily areas or only applying the cream very lightly all over.

Always listen to your skin whether you are using any of the Teri Love products or those from another brand. And always use a gentle cleanser and do not over wash as this can strip the lipids/oils from your skin which can cause dryness and irritation. Most brands sell  "Facial Waters," which are similar to toners but add additional ingredients that can help to gently cleanse the skin. You simply swipe with a cotton pad as you would with a toner. And always make sure that you have an SPF of at least 15 (broad spectrum) in either your make-up (e.g. liquid) or you could opt for SPF powders which are available in little canisters with a brush. I have been using this type of sun protection for over 10 years as it doesn't add an extra layer of cream (when buying a separate SPF cream). Always remember, than less is more and gentle is the way too go!

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